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Empowering community leaders, policemen, teachers and persons who help shape South Africa to the end result of a safe and prosperous country for all its people.


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Shameema Certificate


The Flash Business Academy has helped me tremendously in life to manage my work and personal life. It has given me the skils to be more productive in all aspects of my daily life, as well as teaching me how to communicate with people easier."

Shameema Van Schoor

FLASH - Graphic Designer

Ibanathi graduation


This course was terrific. It taught me a lot about communication. I have learn how to help people who seem quiet or shy while talking"

Ibanathi Tyali

FLASH - Admin Assistant to Communications Secretary

Virgilio Graduation


This course helped me understand how humans react in different circumstances and how we can handle situations and people that could harm us and those we love."

Virgilio Gilliland

FLASH - Sales Consultant

Danielle graduation


'How to Get Along with Others' is an investment. It equips you with the tools to use throughout your life. I will use these techniques to further develop relationships with clients and colleagues."

Danielle Kim Chamberlain

FLASH - Public Sales Staff

Jessica Schapiro Graduation


Wow!!! I am blown away by this course! The name says it all - it really is learning the formulas that will bring your business to success! The material is super powerful & the drills are vital, I felt my understanding & ability to apply improved with every drill!
Do you want success in business?
Do the course now! It's all in there!"

Jessica Schapiro

FLASH - Marketing & Sales Secretary


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